Thursday, May 10, 2007

[insert Monty Python quote about plague]

I'm still sick. I stayed home from work yesterday after misguidedly deciding to go in on Tuesday. I went to the doctor, and she decided it was strep throat, so I got a prescription for antibiotics. Of course, she warned me if I was still sick after the antibiotics were done, that I should go back, 'cause it could be something worse. I wikipedia'ed it and determined that if it's not strep, it could be mono, but I don't think that's it, as I haven't been fatigued really. Anyways, I dropped off my presciption at Meijer (the doctor's office is in the parking lot of Meijer) and then stopped for lunch.

When I went back to pick up the prescription, I returned the remainder of my cans and bottles there. There was only about $15 because it was mostly bottles. I had sort of planned a doctor's visit/bottle run because of the proximity and also because my dad is supposed to be borrowing the Saturn (which had all the bottles in the back) and my sister is borrowing his truck to tow the trailer which is currently deeply ensconced in my garage.

This of course means that I have to rearrange everything in the garage in order to get the trailer out. Ugh.

In appearrance news, my hair is really starting to get out of control. It's approaching poodle status. Also, I think I forgot to take a picture of myself yesterday in my t-shirt. I will have to check my camera.

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Anonymous said...

if it's mono, they'll probably feel your lower back to see if it hurts you. on of the reasons you're supposed to rest while you have mono is that if you don't you could rupture your spleen.

i don't think i had mono, but it was something my mom thought was a possibility.