Friday, December 28, 2007

APB: Skippy

I took Skippy over to my parent's house today, because I had to help my dad move a couch into my sister's apartment.

Anyway, after we got back from the couch moving, we went to dinner, and when we got back to my parent's house I had to put the turkey frying equipment in my car to take it home. Well, Skippy tried to make a break for it once while garage was open, and so I put him in the backyard, and that's when he made a second escape attempt through the garage which was successful.

Skippy ran down the street, into the Staples parking lot and then ran down the next block. I nearly had him when I tried the "treat" trick, but he ran off as soon as he saw I had no treat. I tried running after him but I felt like Seth Rogen's cop from Superbad running after Michael Sera... "He's the fastest dog alive!" I walked around a couple blocks and got a call from some people who had found him. They were walking their dogs, and Skip came up to them and got collared. We met up at the end of my parent's block and I took Skippy home after I had some pie. Silly Skippy. I'm just glad he didn't get hurt or anything.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Oh My Liver 2: The District is Drunk

I'm a little late posting this, but that's because of the staggering amount of alcohol I consumed on my weekend trip to Washington D.C., our Nation's Capitol.

I flew out on Friday, and Dan was nice enough to drive me to the airport. I bought him lunch.

The flight down was easy enough and DannyC came to meet me at the airport. We rode the Metro to his apartment and then headed out to the bar he had chosen for the birthday debauchery. It was this tiny bar in Arlington, that we basically took over. DannyC is a hasher (it's a drinking club that has a running problem, as he likes to say) and he know as lot of people through this club and they are drinkers. We had food at the bar, but the pitchers were flowing and there was karaoke, and shots, and more pitchers, and a birthday cake that ended getting smeared all over. All in all, a great time. DannyC got sick, and thankfully one of his friends drove us home, because I had no idea where we were and would not have been able to tell the cab where to go.

The next day we ended up sleeping in until 2PM. Dan was still drunk. We headed into Adams Morgan (a DC neighborhood) to have some lun...din..brea.. food. There was a party later that evening so mostly we just rested the rest of the day, as I had no need to do anything touristy, and Dan was just trying to recover from his hangover.

The party we went to was at some other hashers house. They were having a "Trim My Bush" party, where people brought ornaments to put on their tree, usually of an adult nature. I didn't drink quite as much, but did talk to some very interesting people.

Sunday we just kind of bummer around and watched part of the marathon of John and Kate + Eight that was on TLC. Dan rode with me back to the airport where he saw me off.

The weather was kind of crummy so the flight back was kind of slow and bumpy, and I had the misfortune of being seated next to a Welsh Christian evangelist of some sort who tried to talk to me about Jesus and Hell. I was not amused. Once I sprinted off the plane, I waited for my luggage. It was at this point, I really wished I had a small carry-on-able suitcase for weekend trips. I waited for over an hour before my bag finally showed up, shortly after I went to the luggage service office. Lani picked me up and I went to my parent's house to pick up Skippy, who had been staying there. I didn't end up getting home until after 11, at which point I decided against meeting up with Austin and company at The Deuce.

Continuing the drunken theme, I went to Augie's with Beckie and Ryan on Monday to celebrate Ryan's getting sworn in. $2 Molsons, $5 pizzas and $0.30 wings.

Tuesday was my normal Suby meet out in Novi at BW3s. More beers.

Wednesday was the Juno movie preview at the Maple Art. After the movie we went to the Redcoat for food and once again, beer.

None of that helps the cold I picked up any. Ugh.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh, my liver.

What a long weekend.

Wednesday night I went out with Tess and Dan. We bar crawled from O'Flaherty's to Excalibur Park down to the good 'ole Tap Room. I drank many gin and tonics and then to finish off the night, Dan got him and I Irish Car Bombs. That was the finishing touch. Tess drove us to Linda's though along the way we had to make a stop, and after some food, I got my car and went home.

Thanksgiving, I went to my parents and deep-fried the turkey. I also made stuffing and Alton Brown's green bean casserole. Dinner was delicious.

Friday I decided to completely skip all the Black Friday madness and sat home, at turkey sandwiches and watch a whole bunch of TV. Dan came over eventually and we sat through the ridiculousness of Star Trek Voyager's mirror world episodes. I ended up crashing kind of early.

Saturday I went to Drew and Erin's wedding. It was in Harrison Twp or something... far on the east side. I went to the ceremony and then there was about 4 hours to kill until the reception so I followed the wedding party bus to a bar where we stayed for a while before I went to pick up Jessica. The reception was at MacRay Harbor, though I missed the turn the first time and had to turn around. Dinner was good, salmon and some sort of chicken. Jenn stole someone else's dessert mousse. There was dancing. I drank a lot of gin and tonics, at least a dozen. I think I danced off the liquor though. After the reception wound down we headed out to Ferndale to meet up with Beckie, Jackie and Dave, and Sarah at the Post. I had kind of forgotten how ass-y it was there. There was this super-drunk chick who kept trying to get people to dance. We were still in our formal wear, so it was a little weird being in the bar. After that I drove Jessica home.

Sunday, my parents came over and we got the rest of my leaves out to the curb. Later, Austin and Kevin came over and we went up to the Mt. Chalet II (A.K.A The Deuce) for $1.50 Labatts. Kevin said they might run out of beer if we didn't get there soon. I though he was kidding. He was not. Dan showed up a bit later. We managed to kill off their keg of Labatts. Then we went to the Coney.

I am teh tired this morning/afternoon. I need a vacation from my weekends. Unfortunately, next weekend doesn't look to be much easier.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Skippy's got a license to drive

Well, not really. I got Skippy's Berkley dog license on Friday, so he's registered finally.

Weekend was pretty busy, though. Friday was the meeting of the eating club, and then the adventures Saturday... ugh.

So, Saturday I went up to Ann Arbor to watch the game with some fraternity brothers, one of whose Bachelor party it was that day/night. I was a bit late setting out, having gotten a haircut. I eventually trekked to the bar where they were watching the game, and unfortunately sitting close to many OSU fans. The game sucked. At least I got drunk.

After the game we went to a tailgate to catch up with everyone else (drink some more) and then headed to the hotel where the guys were spending the night. I desperately needed to go to the bathroom while on our trip, and we briefly stopped at a McDonalds where I rid myself of the many beers I'd already consumed.
After a brief rest at the hotel(where we had a few more beers), we headed out to dinner (drinking) and after dinner, the "New" Mitch's, which was much like the old Mitch's even carrying over much of the furniture. It was kind of strange, because people were playing flip-cup, quarters and beer-pong in the bar. Way more hardcore than when I was school. I got involved in some flip-cup, and that was enough to get me really hammered. Eventually we left the bar and ended up at the hotel, where I ended up spending the night. Thankfully John had been able to go let Skippy out during the day, so he wasn't too upset when I finally got home around 9am.

One cool thing, when I went to my Mom's for dinner, she let me test drive her new Toyota Prius. It's pretty cool, but kind of strange the way it starts and stops and there's no key, just a push button. It's nice.

Monday, November 12, 2007

From the misty shores of Terre Haute

It's Monday, and we're back. Dan, Beckie and I trekked down to Terre Haute to visit Jessica and celebrate her birthday.

I have these observations. Terre Haute is far. Indiana is weird. Trivial Pursuit takes forever.

We watched Ants, a late 70s horror movie, which was not scary nor terrifying nor any of the other adjectives used to describe it on the box. As suspected, I looked it up and it was a TV movie, Suzanne Somers (at the time not even the top billed star) was probably just starting/started Three's Company, and most everybody else were has-beens or nobodies. It was pretty terrible, saved only by the prodigious drinking we did whenever somebody said "ants" or we saw ants.

Still, we had a good time. It was good to see Jessica.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Riding the cougar!

Well, sorry I haven't posted in a while. There have been interesting things going on, but mostly I've kind of forget to blog about them.

This weekend, Austin and I went to Napa Valley for the wedding of one of my fraternity brothers, Dan Fanton, or as he is also known, Don Santon.

Austin and I's flight left at 7:20am on Friday, necessitating a drive to his parent's house at 5:00am. I went to bed Thursday night, Austin decided to just stay up and sleep on the plane. We flew Frontier, which I hadn't flown before. Our flight had a layover in Denver, and the first leg was fine, I slept a little, and also watched a couple of episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on my iPod which I had ripped from the DVDs I borrowed from Austin.

Once we got to Denver, things went a bit awry. Our departure gate was changed, plus we had to truck down most of the concourse to get there in time. Then the seat assignments were all screwy. Thankfully they decided for the hassle they were going to give us free TV. I should also mention that all of Frontier's planes have a picture of an animal on the tail and the that these animals have names. I think we were on Spike the Porcupine for that particular leg. The rest of the flight proved fine, though as is usually the case these days, there wasn't a meal, just a snack (a granola bar).

We arrived in Sacramento about 11:00am, where coincidentally one of the other fraternity brothers, Drew and his fiancee, had just arrived on a different flight. We bussed over to the rental car terminal and headed out towards Napa. We had decided we would look for somewhere for lunch on the way. Little did we realize that there is very little between Sacramento and Napa. Drew led the way and twice we had to turn around while off the freeway because we couldn't find a place to eat. We finally found an Applebee's in Davis (home of UC Davis) and stopped there. After lunch we headed off towards our respective hotels. I managed to get off on the wrong exit, but we turned back around and made it eventually to our hotel.

That evening (this being Friday still) we went to the rehearsal dinner. The food was very good, I had the rainbow trout. After the dinner we went to the sportsbar in the hotel and had some drinks before retiring for the night.

Saturday, Austin and I met up with Drew and Erin, and also Adam (another fraternity brothere) and Andi and we headed down to Fairfield (town of my birth) to tour the Anheuser-Busch brewery and the Jelly Belly factory. Both tours we showed up just in time to join the next group. At the brewery they gave us some samples and as none of us had had lunch yet, we got a bit tipsy. After that we went down the block (literally) to the Jelly Belly factory. At the factory store I bought several bags of the "Belly Flops" which are jelly beans that fail the strict quality standards of factory.

After the tours we headed back and looked for a spot for lunch. Once again we were following Drew and he got us all turned around, but eventually we ended up at a Baker's Square, where there were some interesting people. There was a Cajun festival in town, so the couple seated at the table near us were regaled in bib overalls and straw hats.

The wedding was at 6, so Austin and I headed over a bit early to the winery's store to pick up a few things. Oh yeah, the wedding was at the Domaine Chandon winery. The ceremony was out on the lawn and then we went up to the patio for champagne (or rather sparking wine) and appetizers. After that was dinner. There were neverending rolls, where as soon as you ate your roll (or even most of it) they appeared with basket to give you another. There was a salad course, soup course and then the entree. I had the beef tenderloin with carmelized shallot sauce, creamed potatoes, and market vegetables. That was seriously the best beef I have ever had. We also had wine with dinner, red, white or both. Both were very good, though I'm no wine connoisseur. Then there was cake, and dancing and candy and coffee. I was so stuffed from dinner I couldn't have any cake.

When Austin and I got back from the reception, we turned on the TV and "Harold and Kumar" was on, near the end, where they were riding the cheetah. I fell asleep very soon after that.

The next morning there was a good-bye brunch hosted by the maternal grandparents. We packed away the food as we knew there would be nothing on the plane. We managed to make it back to Sacramento in pretty decent time, and I was only one hour over 2 days on the rental car, so it ended up being pretty cheap. I mentioned before that all of Frontiers planes are animal named, and our plane for the trip back to Detroit was Charlie the Cougar. We were Riding the Cougar all the way back to Detroit! What was also funny was our pilot on the second leg was Tom Cruise (or maybe Cruz) but I was tempted to ask the flight attendant if the co-pilot was Anthony Edwards. We got back to Detroit a bit after midnight. Austin's dad picked us up and then we headed home.

I should have some pictures to put up along with the post soonish, but they aren't here with me. All in all, an awesome weekend, it was a lot of fun to catch up with my fraternity brothers. Drew is getting married the weekend of Thanksgiving, so we should all be together then also.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Toast, getting toasty, Chef-ing

Had some lovely turkey BLTs on toast for dinner tonight. I'm also finishing off the last of the "Labor Punch" from the Labor Day/ Jessica's Bon Voyage party. So, that's nice and alco-tastic. I"m also watching Top Chef right now. The tension you could cut with a knife. Haahaa! Also, they keep having these commercials for Bombay Saphire during Top Chef, so I think I'll have a gin and tonic also.

I guess I'll talk a bit about Labor Day Weekend. Friday was drinking at The Berkley Front. Saturday there was Dim Sum and The Bosco. Sunday was the BBQ. The pulled pork turned out really well. The "Labor Punch" also worked surprisingly well. I shredded the second piece of pork and froze most of it. I finished off the remainder of the pork the other day.

Drinking. Yay.

Friday, September 07, 2007

This ties in perfectly. says I'm a Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

From Coronado... Witchy!

Wood type: birch
Length: 9 inches
Core: Kelpie Hair

get your own wand!

With the exception of the mysterious elder, the Birch is the earliest of the forest trees. Though they make beautiful, smooth wands with a nice sheen if polished, birch is nevertheless known for it's 'flaky' qualities. The bearer of this wand could not be more different, in fact those who find a Birch wand has chosen them tend to be some of the most logical thinkers or strategists. These wands excel at driving out evil spirits, and for Purification spells. They are also very good for spells involving structures, support, shielding, warding, and cleansing.
Birch's personality is Happy
Element: Air

Kelpie Hair:
Kelpie hair comes from the mane of a Kelpie, a water demon commonly found in Britton and Ireland, who often takes the shape of a horse. The most famous Kelpie is referred to by Muggles as the Loch Ness monster. Kelpie's are adaptable creatures, and thus the wand is a good core for most types of magic, but especially water magic.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Go faster!

I ran my first Autocross this weekend. It's a type of car racing where you drive a course that's laid out in big parking lot and it's against the clock. I came in second to last, but for being my first time and the fact that a lot of the other guys are more experienced and have set up their cars specifically for this, I think I did alright.

It was a pretty fun day, but I was pretty wiped out by the end. I also got a little burned in the sun. I definately want to go race again, but all the races this year conflict with previously planned events. Oh well, there's always next year.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dogs and more dogs

This last week I was watching Sydney and Bentley for my mom, as she was teaching knitting over by K-Zoo. Things went mostly ok, aside from my lack of sleep with 3 dogs hogging the bed. I did have one incident with the Skipper though.

Friday I decided to take the boys down to 12 Mile to check out Cruisefest (Berkley's cruise event) and everything was fine until some guy walked by with a Chow. Skippy started going nuts and somehow slipped out of my grip and started going after this guy's dog. The guy was trying to kick Skip away and ended up getting tripped and falling down. I tried to apologize but the guy was being a jerk. I then took the dogs home.

Mom picked them up on Saturday. We had dinner and later that night I went to see "last tourist" with Austin. The band has my freshman year roommate and one of my co-workers from the bike shop in it. They were pretty good, but who really surprised me was "Deastro" which is really just one guy playing drums and his laptop, but he fuckin' rocks.

Edit: I totally forgot to include my buggy adventures on Sunday. I was going over to John's to move the last of my stuff that had been living in his garage, and when I went outside I got stung by a wasp. The wasps had made a nest in the siding of my house at the corner of my side door frame. I stopped by ACO to get Wasp/Hornet Killer and freaking sprayed the hell out of them and the nest. Well, somehow a bunch of them managed to get inside my house and at one point Skippy started pawing at his nose and kind of snorting. I looked to see what was going on and somehow he had inhaled one of the wasps into his nose. I pulled it out and killed it the rest of the way and Skip went about his business like nothing had happened. I guess he hadn't gotten stung by some lucky happenstance. Nothing says devotion to you pet like removing dangerous pests from their orifices.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm like a photographer and stuff.

So, apparently some of my photos are good enough for online travel guides. It's almost like I'm a professional photographer except I'm not getting paid.

Home and Abroad, a travel website which is using my photo of the Ala Wai golf course.
Ala Wai canal and golf course from our hotel lanai

Schmap, a online travel guide, which is using my photo of Kama'ole Beach.
Kama'ole Beach II

Monday, August 06, 2007

Weighty Matters

A bit of a diet update here. We had our last weigh-in for the session last Wednesday, and I had met my goal. I lost 31.4 pounds, and I'm down into the 230s... barely, but I'm there. I'm signing up for the next session if my work is still continuing the program and if there's enough people. My next door neighbor actually commented on how much weight I'd lost, which made me feel good.

As for the weekend, things were pretty quiet. Friday was a stay at home night, and Saturday, I went to the DUCF (Detroit Urban Craft Fair)down at the Majestic and checked out the goods, and later went to the DUCF After Party at the Magic Stick. Austin was using my iPod to play music between the bands. One of the bands was Jason and the Hounds From Hell, a side project of the guy from the Von Bondies. I drank a fair amount that night. I had a PBR, a Newcastle, a Stroh's and a Milwaukee's Best. I think I had one other beer, but I can't remember. I ended stopping by White Castle on the way home. It was pretty slow. But delicious.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damn you, Alberta!

Went to Canada to John's cottage last weekend.

Dan, Jessica and I headed up on Thursday. We stopped at the Duty-Free and I got some beer, Jessica got wine and we declined exchanging any money there, because, as the US dollar sucks right now, the exchange rate they were giving was $1 US = $1 Canadian. Ridiculous. It was later that John told us that apparently more oil had been found in Alberta and that was boosting the Canadian dollar.

We got to the cottage kind of late and in the middle of a pretty good rain storm. Jessica had driven and the rain and fog did little to help her poor night vision. The weather for the rest of the weekend was very nice though. We sat around and drank and had campfires, kayaked out to the beaver dam, went to town, slept, ate, drank some more, ate, read, did crosswords and word searches, and even found the Walmart in Owen Sound. We went to Walmart to get the Canadian version of Harry Potter for John's brother, and also to replace the shampoo that lives at the cottage, which had long passed its expiration date. We unfortunately did not go to The Mall.

As all things must end, we came back on Monday and I picked up Skippy at my parent's although I did make a Sam's Club run to get groceries and Harry Potter while I was on that side of town.

I started reading Harry Potter on Monday night and got through about 280 pages, and then finished it on Tuesday night at about 3:30 in the morning. I am still tired. I really liked it, even for as dark and bloody as it got, it was still kind of uplifting in the end.

Had my WW weigh-in yesterday. I was up almost 2 pounds from the previous week, which I can mostly attribute to the Cottage. I had met my goal the previous week, but slipped back up on the wrong side of it with this last weekend of drinking and snacks. I have to try to be really good this next week so I can make my goal again. I know it's doable, even with Anna's party on Saturday.

So sleepy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I need to play more...

Seeing this reminded me I should break out the GameCube again.

Courtesy of XKCD

Monday, July 09, 2007

Shut up, Dawn!

Weekend was movie-tastic.

Backing up to Thursday, when I got home, I ended up actually going down to Cityfest to see Weird Al. He put on a pretty good show, much longer than I expected.

Friday, Dan and I went out to Novi to have dinner at Happy Sushi with Jenn and Jenn's friend (Work)Andy. After dinner, Dan and I went to Royal Oak to catch the midnight showing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling (The Sing-a-long). We got there probably more than an hour early, but the show was nearly sold out, so it was probably better that we had. The show was a lot of fun, there were props, and karaoke lyrics for the songs, and lots of yelling "Shut up, Dawn!" whenever she said, well, pretty much anything.

Saturday, I went to Noble Fish for some shopping of Japanese food items. Yummm... delicious udon. Austin came over later for dinner, where I grilled up some hamburgers left over from camping. Austin left to see Buffy with Jordan, and I ended up staying home and watching TV.

Sunday, I mowed the lawn and then went to join my parents at IKEA. I bought some big soup bowls and another bin for returnables. It was a while later at home that I realized that my A/C had quit working. It started to get really warm in my house. Eventually I joined Dan in air-conditioned comfort at the movie theater where we watched Transformers. It was, um, very Michael Bay-y. It was kind of a mess, though the effects were pretty cool.

I've got a call into the HVAC company, hopefully they'll be out today to fix my A/C. In the meantime, I'll just be sweating.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ridin' in the dirty 'Hoe

Just a note about the title of this post, this last weekend Ryan dubbed Anna's Tahoe, "the 'Hoe", and it stuck. There were many references to the 'Hoe being dirty or stinky or packed full of junk, and even the 'Hoe's rear access being open.

Camping was alot of fun, I'd like to thank Anna, Beckii, Jacque, Sandra for putting up with me for the rest of the weekend after Darcy, then Jackie, Sarah and Ryan left.

I got freakin' burnt up on my back though. We went to the beach Tuesday for a pretty good amount of time. About 4 beers worth. I neglected to put on sunscreen until a while in, and I'm still feeling it.

We did go to the beach on Sunday, but it was pretty cold, so we didn't stay long. Unfortunately for everyone that only stayed until Monday, the weather was much warmer the next couple days. Of course it did rain on the 4th.

I think I ate so much while camping. What was worse for my diet though was probably the amount of drinking I did. One thing I learned though, is that grenadine makes mixed drinks awesome. We also discovered the innovation of the "Sunrise Mimosa".

I think I had a five-day-hangover. I can't wait to go next year!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Oot and aboot

Going to Canada for a couple days. So, no updates until after the Holiday, eh? Should be fun times, drinking and swimming, camping, fires, more drinking and general rowdiness.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Not weekly, but more occasionally.

Been more than a week since the last update. I really meant to put something up last week, but had a hard time coming up with anything exciting to say.

I still don't really have anything exciting but, for my own record-keeping purposes, here goes.

Saturday before last, I went to LAN party with Austin. We briefly stopped by Gerry's yard sale and then went to Austin's comic shop and Austin's friend's kid's birthday party before returning to Gerry's for the nerding out.

After the LAN party Austin and I went to Jenn's where we went to Gus O'Connor's with her and her friend Jeremy. We ended up drinking quite a bit and slept for a couple hours at Jenn's.

This past weekend, I tried to make Friday night plans with the intention that Dan was going to be home, but he didn't make it back, and basically Friday night ended up with me going to Tess's and watching Catch and Release, which was ok, and in which Kevin Smith totally stole the show.

Saturday I went to Jennifer's Going-Away party. There were a ton of people. I brought Skippy along because Beckie said it would be ok. He was fine until he ate a piece of fried chicken and then tried to eat one of Beckie's aunt's 18 cats. He assures me that he only wanted to play. We had to tie up the Skipper after that. Drank a lot of beer, played a lot of Cornhole (and was pretty dominant with Mike (Beckie's cousin Amy's boyfriend)), ate a bunch, went swimming, had about a dozen jello shots, generally a good party time. Of course on the way home, I was drunk-hungry and had to stop at White Castle for some sliders and chicken rings.

So that was the weekend that was. As for what this week holds, I'm not sure, but Dan is supposed to be back, and beyond that, who knows.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Master of Magnetism

Lots of computer based news today. The biggest bit of that is I finally bought a new Mac. I kind of went almost all the way out and bought a MacBook Pro. I got the lowest end model, but that still runs ~$2000, so thankfully I was able to work the student discount angle, which reduced the price by $200.

It's definitely the fastest computer I've ever owned, but we'll see how well if fares at the LAN party... I mean super cool party with a bunch of awesome guys doing really neat stuff, that's totally not nerdy at all.

What finally spurred this was the fact that they just released these new, faster ones, they had a sweet rebate deal going on when you bought a computer and an iPod, and I also got a bunch of offers for 0% balance transfers until next summer.

Oh yeah, that's another thing, I got the 30Gb iPod with Video too. I have to send in the rebate for that though.

For my old computer, I just bought off the Subaru forum a DVD burner (it had a DVD reader, and an external CDRW) and installed that yesterday, and also decided to put in the refurb hard drive I got on a warranty return. Well the DVD burner went in fine, but when I fired up the computer, the refurb hard drive started making some really nasty noises and then did the "click of death". So the refurb hard drive is dead, and I have to sent that back, and hopefully they'll send me a new one.

All of my files are still on the old computer and when I wanted to sync up my iPod, I kept getting all sorts of freezes and what not, so I ended up doing a lot of troubleshooting of the USB hub and swapping ports for the cables and I've eventually gotten it to sync at full speed. Those kinds of issues are why I wish the latest iPods still were FireWire capable.

With the new computer I should have a few less of those issues, as it has built-in USB 2.0, and should play nice with the new iPod. So happy with the new laptop. It has the nice MagSafe connector where if you kick the cord, it will detach instead of dragging the whole computer to floor. The power of magnets. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I saw Knocked Up this weekend. It was vulgar, crude, heartfelt, touching and hilarious. It really gives all us normal guys the hope that we too can hook-up with drunk hot chicks, get them pregnant and make them fall in love with us. Maybe that wasn't the moral of the movie, but nonetheless, it was really funny. If you loved The 40-Year-Old Virgin, you're likely to like this.

That was Saturday, actually Gerry and Melissa came over and Austin and I and them went to dinner at Pasquale's before the movie. We had a crazy waitress. She was old and feisty. Gerry's friend Josh ended up meeting us at the movie also.

Saturday during the day, my dad came over with Sydney and Bentley, and so the dogs played alot. I was actually watching Scooter this last weekend, as "Mike" was in New Jersey looking for housing. I may have mentioned that before, but I'm too lazy to look at my previous post. He was supposed to be with Beckie for the actual weekend, but she ended having to housesit and catsit for her cousin... or something along those lines.

Friday night Austin, Kevin and I had a few beers at my house and then went over to the Berkley Front. Austin and I had gone for dinner at Rexy's earlier. Rice is so my nemesis.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorialness. The wheels come off.

Ah, the looooong weekend. So long. So drunken.

Friday, Austin and I had a couple of beers at the Berkley Front and did some discussin'.

Saturday, I went to Sam's to pick up some supplies for Saturday, and then headed up to Anna's for her birthday barbeque. Once I got there I proceeded to eat too much, drink way too much, sat around the bonfire and generally had a good time. We burned pallets and cardboard and pretty much anything else we could find. I think we drank all the beer in Anna's house. I ended falling asleep on the futon in the basement as there was no way that I was going to drive home after drinking all that beer and the shots. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the futon was supposed to Sarah's bed for the night. I think Beckie tried to wake me about 3AM but I was having none of it. I finally woke up about 8:30AM to drive home. Nobody was up except a couple of the dogs. I had to get home to my dog.

Later on Sunday, I went shopping and stuff. Later, John, Julie, Jessica and Ari showed up for the barbeque. The weather decided to clear up, so it was actually nice by the time I got around to grilling. I just did some hamburgers and a Michigan salad. Everybody ended up leaving around 8 or so, and I called Austin to see what he was up to. We ended up heading over to the WAB for some beers. We would have gotten liquor, but we were sadly informed that they no longer have $1.50 well drinks on Sundays. We could this had been a detriment to their business, as it was definitely not as busy in there as I had remembered it being when there was the special. We didn't stay that late as Austin was heading to Cedar Point in the morning.

On Memorial Day, I took the dog for a walk and made a picnic lunch and then headed up to Pine Knob to watch the autocross. I got there just as the third heat ended and the fourth was about to start. I took some pictures of some of the guys I knew racing and also took out my R/C drift car and played around some. When everything was done, a couple of the suby people met up at Mr. B's in Royal Oak, where we had some dinner, and of course, I had another beer.

This all added up to be a not great weekend for me dietwise. I ended up cutting my hair on Sunday. With the haircut, I lost .8 lbs for the week, which probably means there was a net gain in bodyweight.

As for the t-shirts, I ended the experiment, and wore all of my t-shirts, though I think I somehow missed one. I have to check.

This coming weekend, I'm watching Scooter for "Mike", as he's heading to NJ to look at places to live and such things. "Mike" dropped him off last night and I have to find out when I can return him.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Ultimate T-shirt

That's ultimate as in final. I have reached the end of my experiment. By my tally, I have 102 t-shirts. I was happy that I broke the one hundred mark.

NRAO Green Bank Telescope

Click on the picture to see the rest.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lawn, lawn time ago

Well, I missed the Comic-Con this last weekend. I could have gone, but my dad came over on Saturday and we tilled and raked and graded and moved dirt and put down grass seed and fertilizer behind my garage and under my tree in front, so that hopefully I can have grass instead of dirt.

OMG, The Office last Thursday was hilarious. That was one of things we discussed while at the Necto on Friday night for Beckie's birthday. I drank quite a bit and went way off the diet at Denny's later. I also forgot to communicate to Beckie that Jessica might need a ride. Originally I was going to ride with Beckie and Austin, and Jim and Jennifer were also going to come, filling the car, but they were delayed and ended up driving separately. The Necto was quite fun though.

Saturday there was the aforementioned yard work and then later, I went to Westland to a party for Matt's sister Sarah (who are people that know Jordan and co.)and that was amusing. There were a lot of Jesus Christ songs, but not in the way you'd normally think.

My dad brought me a magnetic dart board. I have to try it out sometime soon.

Sunday I went to Meijer and bought a weed trimmer. It cost them $4.89, because I had a variety of gift cards and bottle deposit slips. Then I had to stop by Julon's to let out Max for Jessica and then went to Sam's Club. I was driving the Saturn most of the weekend to save gas. My parents picked me and the dog up to visit my sister, 'cause she's moving and needed boxes and moving help.

This post is really all over the place, but it doesn't really matter much. It's been a scattered day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dropping like flies

Well, diet, week 4 has come. I didn't weigh in last week because of my sickness, but this week I weighed in and had lost 8.2 pounds for the last 2 weeks. That's a total of 13.8lbs. I'm in the 250s. Crazy. I weigh less than 2 Austins. It really hasn't been that hard, aside from forgoing a lot of my favorite things, at least sushi is pretty good, relatively.

I'm mostly recovered from my illness. I'm still coughing a bit, but my throat is ok.

Thursday I had to rearrange my garage so I could get the trailer out so my sister could borrow it, then my Dad borrowed my Saturn and Lani's car stayed at my house the weekend so she could use my Dad's truck to tow the trailer. There was also some minor drama with trying to get the lights on the trailer to work.

Dan came home for the weekend. Nice.

Weekend was low-key for the most part. Friday I stayed home and watched TV so I could rest, Saturday, Jessica, Dan, Austin and I went to see Spiderman 3. It was decent but sort of a mess plotwise. Sunday I went with my parents to visit my Grandma for Mother's Day. Lani also came by to drop off the trailer and get her car.

Monday, Dan and I met up with Austin and Beckie at Augie's for dinner and drinks. Augie's also had Guitar Hero set up. We of course played a bit.
Tuesday a big group met up at Xochimilco's for dinner. I had some delicious chicken fajitas. Dan and I split a liter of Margarita. There was a pretty good storm going on all night, and when I got back home, Dan had come along also, we went to watch Veronica Mars, which I had recorded, but about 10 minutes in, the signal cut out, and recovered only in the last 5 minutes. My cable was intermitently out for a couple hours so, internet and TV were all screwy. I ended having to download a torrent of Veronica Mars.

I sent in a hard drive for warranty a couple weeks ago, and I got it back yesterday. I had sent in a 160GB drive and awesomely they sent me back a 250GB drive. I think I'll replace the 120GB drive that's currently in my computer. It's getting pretty full.

In The Great T-Shirt Adventure Quest 2007 news, I loaded in my latest batch of photos, bring the total to 92. I think there are maybe 8 shirts still left in my drawer, so I just might break 100. That would be awesome. I expect to make the animation sometime soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

[insert Monty Python quote about plague]

I'm still sick. I stayed home from work yesterday after misguidedly deciding to go in on Tuesday. I went to the doctor, and she decided it was strep throat, so I got a prescription for antibiotics. Of course, she warned me if I was still sick after the antibiotics were done, that I should go back, 'cause it could be something worse. I wikipedia'ed it and determined that if it's not strep, it could be mono, but I don't think that's it, as I haven't been fatigued really. Anyways, I dropped off my presciption at Meijer (the doctor's office is in the parking lot of Meijer) and then stopped for lunch.

When I went back to pick up the prescription, I returned the remainder of my cans and bottles there. There was only about $15 because it was mostly bottles. I had sort of planned a doctor's visit/bottle run because of the proximity and also because my dad is supposed to be borrowing the Saturn (which had all the bottles in the back) and my sister is borrowing his truck to tow the trailer which is currently deeply ensconced in my garage.

This of course means that I have to rearrange everything in the garage in order to get the trailer out. Ugh.

In appearrance news, my hair is really starting to get out of control. It's approaching poodle status. Also, I think I forgot to take a picture of myself yesterday in my t-shirt. I will have to check my camera.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Illin' but definately not Gellin'

I have fallen victim to whatever Austin and/or Beckie had contracted. (I blame Austin) Wednesday morning I woke up completely stuffy and my throat hurt. I came home early that day because I felt sick. I managed to power through on Thursday and Friday.

Of course, Friday was Ninja Prom. I got all Ninja-ed up, and because I ran out of cough drops, had to stop by Walmart in my Ninja costume. I was surprised that no one said anything, but I think I got some weird looks. After my retail experience I went to the Prom. It was pretty fun, they crowned a King and Queen, and had a raffle and you could have your picture taken, like at Prom. I actually won something in the raffle. I won a Darth Vader FatHead, which is this giant wall sticker.

Not sure where I'm going to put it, but I'll figure it out.

Here's a picture of me in the ninja costume.

Try to find the ninja in this picture.

The next day, eventually I met up with Austin and Beckie and I drove us down to Toledo for Ryan's Graduation celebration. We stopped at Hardee's for dinner. They have pretty good burgers for fast food. When we got to Toledo (after taking the "Detour of Doom") we headed out to Fat Freddy's, a bar that The PD (Ryan's boss) works part-time as a bartender. They had for appetizers some interesting things, like broiled asparagus with garlic and parmesan, and poblano pepper rings like onion rings. John and Julie left after while as did Jack and Ben (?), but the rest of us, being Ryan, Beckie, Austin, Jay and I headed to RHouse, which was very draggy. As in dudes in women's clothes. Very slightly unsettling. All this time my throat had still been bugging me. After the bar, we went back to Ryan's, I got some tylenol and we eventually headed home at 3AM.

Sunday, I woke up way too early but couldn't get back to sleep for the coughing, and watched TV and eventually fell asleep on the couch a couple different times before actually making it to my bed for a nap. I didn't really do anything else on Sunday.

This morning, I was still feeling crappy, so I called in sick to work. I think I'll take a nap this afternoon. I would really like to be better already. I don't know, I might actually have to go to the doctor, though I don't have one, so I have to find one. What a pain.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

If only I was this talented

From xkcd

I came across this again thanks to Coronado, but I had seen a couple of this person's comics before. Today's comic is also pretty funny. Bookmarked!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Novi, Nachos, Weight Watching, Waiting

After much prodding, goading and peer pressure by my co-workers, I joined Weight Watchers which is being sponsored by work. What's cool is that half the cost of the 13 week program is being paid for by work and if I meet my weight loss goal, I get the other half refunded. The WW program seems pretty simple, and really what it comes down to is portion control and avoiding certain "bad" foods. I'll get to some of the bad ones in a minute.

Friday evening, John came over after being banished from his house because Julie was having a girl's night, and we met up with Austin and Beckie and Beckie's cousin Jennifer at the Little Tree for sushi because it was Jennifer's birthday. There were also quite a few other of Jennifer's friends who came out also, so our party was pretty large and as such we had to wait for-ever for our table. I had a roll and a chili-tuna salad. Tasty. I decided not to go to the bar afterward with everyone.

Saturday, I went shopping, I went to Trader Joe's and bought some foodstuffs and then went to Sam's Club for more stuff. Later I went out to Novi with Austin and Beckie (man, I really need a shorter way to refer to them) to meet up with Jenn to celebrate Jenn being done with classes for the semester. We had drinks (bad) at Jenn's then went to 5th Avenue for more drinks (bad) and then over to Gus O'Connor's for beer (bad) and nachos (even worse). At some point at Gus O'Connor's, Austin's illness of the last couple weeks got the better of him and Beckie drove him back to Jenn's apartment to get some rest. Jenn and I discussed future vacation plans, including the possibility of vacationing together again, what our respective parents would infer by this, and also my apparent lack of picking up on flirting. Eventually Beckie returned and we headed over to The Mixx for another drink (bad). Closing time arrived and we headed back to Jenn's where we recovered for a bit before Beckie drove us home.

Sunday, I was supposed to go to dim sum (bad) with Austin and his family, but he was still too ill to go, so I stayed home and slept some more. Later I went to my parent's house for dinner and went with my dad to get his birthday present, a wheelbarrow. In my family birthday presents for my dad tend to be practical and useful for the rest of the family. In the past, presents for my dad have been various tools, a snowblower, a bbq grill and now a wheelbarrow, which will in all likelyhood be used for a project at my house in the coming weeks. I also stopped by the Mitchell's house to drop off MaryBeth's harddrive and the backup on my portable harddrive.

So, a fairly busy weekend. What I'm really looking forward to is this coming weekend is the Ninja Prom. That should be fun. I've got my ninja costume, but I want to spice it up a little bit. Look for pictures later in this space.

It should arrive in time for my birthday.

If you were sitting at you computer wondering what you could possibly get me for my birthday this year, look no further.

Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™
Item #: 10179
Ages: 16+
Pieces: 5195
USD 499.99
Preorder this item today, will ship by 1 Oct 2007
Limit 5 per customer

Build the ultimate Millennium Falcon™!

This is it - the biggest, most spectacular LEGO® Star Wars model ever! Straight out of the classic Star Wars movies comes the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's famous smuggling starship. Every detail of the modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 freighter is here, all constructed to scale with LEGO minifigures. At almost 3 feet (90cm) long, it's the ultimate centerpiece to any Star Wars collection!

This Exclusive First Edition set includes an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity, sealed within the product box, available only until the first production quantity is gone! Don't miss out, pre-order yours today!*

  • With over 5,000 pieces, this is the biggest LEGO set ever made!
  • Model is built completely to minifigure scale - minifigures can sit inside and man the controls!
  • Landing gear provides a stable base for model to stand on!
  • Ship is over 33" long, 22" wide and 8" tall! (84cm long x 56cm wide x 21cm tall)
  • Radar dish rotates and elevates and boarding ramp extends!
  • Top and bottom quad-laser turrets rotate for realistic play!
  • Cockpit top can be removed to access minifigures!
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa!
  • This special set also includes a display card with detailed ship specifications!

*Please note: In the interest of fairness to all customers, the certificate number that you receive will be randomly chosen.

And it will even ship in time for my birthday. Start saving those pennies now.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New toys!

I got my new computer speakers delivered yesterday. They are pretty cool.

You can't really tell the scale from the picture, but they are pretty big. The "satellite" speakers are about a foot tall, if that helps your mental picture.

The sound is so much better than my previous free crappy speakers. Woo.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kiwis, cake and skates

A little bit of a weekend recap.

Michelle (Chellee) came into town from San Diego for her birthday this weekend. I haven't seen her, for, um, about 4 years. So, it was pretty cool. Of course, Michigan decided to reward her homecoming by sending us some of the crappiest April weather that I can remember.

Friday, I took the day off and went shopping and cleaned. I went to Sam's Club, and Kroger. I returned $24 worth of cans to the store, although I still have about the same amount left to return. They're sitting in the back of the Saturn still.

Speaking of the Saturn, I've been driving it the last week or so, because the weather has been so cold and lousy, and I had already put my summer tires on my Subaru. The summer tires don't work so good when the temperature is below 40 degrees. I was too lazy to put the all-seasons back on the Subaru.

Anyway, back to Friday, after starting my cooking for the party, I ended up going to see Blades of Glory with Beckie and Michelle. It was pretty funny. I give a B. (mostly because it was ridiculous, but not terribly smart) After the movie, we went back to Beckie's apartment where we had drinks, and played video games. Michelle and Beckie decided that my hair needed to be straightened. See Pic.

Also, Beckie and I somehow managed to statically shock and kill one of her Guitar Hero controllers. After Guitar Hero, Beckie and Michelle played Mendels Palace. It was a kind of weird game. I headed home and did some more stuff to get ready.

Saturday, I busied myself with party preparations. Unfortunately the weather refused to cooperate. I took the Skip for a walk, and waited for people to arrive. They eventually did. John and Julie brought pierogis, and a salad. I made delicous ribs and chili. Julie also brought a cake.

Beckie and Michelle showed up a little bit after them and then other people started to filter in. Jackie and El Dave, Jessica, Austin, Lani, Michelle's friend Eugen (Yugin?), and Beckie's friend Colleen. We eventually played a drinking game to Spaceballs. It was pretty brutal, the most brutal rule was drinking whenever Dark Helmet's visor went up or down. We also played "Don't Quote Me" which is a game I got somewhere for Christmas.

The party eventually wound down and people headed home. I cleaned up a little and headed to bed.

Sunday, I went to my parent's house for dinner and then over to the Mitchell's house to help MaryBeth with her computer. The hard drive died. I tried to recover whatever files she had not backed up. I ended up staying there for a couple hours trying different things. She was probably buying a new hard drive today and then reinstalling and restoring everything. Major bummer.

Oh, and I still have a ton leftovers from Saturday. Anyone is welcome to come by and chow down. I had leftovers for lunch today. And for dinner. I still have almost half the cake too. Ugh, gonna go into sugarshock.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Check up, shots, drugs.

Guess who lost 7 pounds? No, not me. Skippy! He's down to 35 pounds, which is about where he's supposed to be. I had to take him to the Vet yesterday for his yearly shots. I also had to bring along a fresh stool sample so they could check for worms. Lovely.

The vet was really over-cheerful, especially about the poo. Kind of disturbing.

So, Skippy got his shots and blood drawn, and I got his heartworm tablets. He got a cookie. Then we walked home. The vet's office is only about 6 blocks away.

I also fired up the grill for the first time yesterday. I had steak and asparagus on the grill. Delicious.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Clipper-de-doo da day!

I shaved today. Now that may not seem like some sort of momentous event, but I have literally not shaved since New Years or possible earlier. I haven't gone clean-shaven or anything, but it was getting warm enough to get rid of the neck beard. Here's some pictures for comparison.

Left is before, Right is after.

I still need to get a haircut. It's just wet in the one picture. Speaking of the pictures, these are also part of series of pictures I've been taking. Basically, I'm taking a picture of myself everyday, wearing a different t-shirt, until I get through my entire collection. It's partially to document the number of t-shirts I own, and also as kind of a strange social experiment.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

All That's Green

Ah, St. Patrick's Day. 'Twas a drunken one.

We decided to get to the bar early as to beat the crowds. There was a bit of mis-communication regarding the plan, and we had to return to Austin's place to pick up Dan.

We got to Augie's about 4PM. John and Julie were there, and we commenced with the drinking. There were a lot of fun things happening. A bagpiper came in, and then the liquor girls started coming around. There were Pucker girls giving out hats and t-shirts. Later the Molson girls came around handing out keychains and gloves and bottle cozies.

We drank a lot of Augie Bombs (Razz-Matazz vodka and Red Bull) and Jaeger Bombs and Irish Car Bombs. Beckie and Ryan were drinking "old-man" drinks, like Manhattans and Tom Collins. Jessica showed up a bit later, as did Sarah, who came out after work.

There was a band playing, Rockstar, an '80s Hair-Metal cover band. They were pretty cool.

We ended up leaving about 12:30, and according to our waitress, we were her longest tab, which also ended up being ~$600 for the whole group.

Ryan with a green twinkle in his eye, or it could just be the Leprechaun Gold.

Beckie displaying her "schwag"

Sarah is too cool for this bar

Jessica and I on our "wedding day"

Austin is from another planet

Sarah and Dan looking ready for some ultraviolence. Either that or some more drinks.

And finally, green beer.

After the bar we reconvened at Austin's and played a bit of drunken Guitar Hero. I went home and stopped by White Castle on the way and got some food. I had a bit of a problem with my change as I had a $20 and exact change and got back some miscellaneous change. I had to wait (and hold up the drive-thru line) while the cashier figured out the discrepancy. I got my correct change eventually and went home, ate my food and went to bed.

Sunday (technically afternoon, but morning to me) I met up with my parents and sister at the DIA for lunch and the Ansel Adams exhibit that's there now. The exhibit was really cool. A lot of the pictures were of the Southwest, where I've lived and done a bunch of traveling with my parents. Beautiful country out there.

Later, Austin and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I love call ahead seating. I also love steak.

One final note, this weather sucks. Where is spring already?

Monday, March 12, 2007

The resemblance is uncanny...

How is it that I meet people who look so much like me?

Exhibit A

This is from the LAN party Austin and I went to on Saturday. That is Taiki. He's 3/4 Japanese. We played Wolfenstein ET and Unreal Tournament. I also played a bit of Guitar Hero as seen here.

Friday night I went to see 300 with Austin, Beckie, Jim and Jennifer. I was called last minute. We were going to see the an 8:15, but it was sold out so we went to The Shamrock for a beer or two until it was time for the show. The movie was decent. A lot of waxed up dudes in thongs. But it was just like a comic book. Visually awesome.

Thursday night I had dinner with John and then went to see Steve's band play at the Berkley Front.

I just finished watching a new show on F/X called The Riches, which stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. It was pretty good though a lot darker than I expected.

Monday, March 05, 2007

More Hot, More Pot!

The reluctantly triumphant return and subsequent cancellation of The O.C.: Oakland County Berkley Sty-lee!

The last time we heard anything from Berkley Stylee was nearly a year and a half ago, so the "previouslies" have been skipped in the interest of expediency.

(BTW, Those interested can read all those previous episodes by clicking here.)

Except there was this one bit of previouly on The O.C.: Oakland County Berkley Sty-lee, whereupon there was a continuing non-appearance of Hot Blondes, hot redheads, or even hot brunettes.

And now back to the show...

Network Executive: Frankly, we'd forgotten that we still were producing episodes of your show. Bob was supposed to cancel it, but I think he had that heart attack right before he came to see you. Other Bob should have done it, but he ate 3 dozen Jello shots and passed out. So really, the only reason we're airing your show at all is that we ran out of any other programming, and we don't have the rights for Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

Me: Yeah, I kind of wondered. Seems like I never could find where my show was on the schedule. I just kind of thought my TiVo™-like DVR was acting up.

Network Executive: Yeah, well sorry about that. So seeing as how The O.C. has ended, we're thinking that your show's popularity has had a similar decline. Do you have any juicy storylines? Sweeps just ended, so we sort of blew our wad with all the various pregnancies, drug overdoses, murders, births, lesbian affairs, beastiality and basket-weaving plots.

Me: Well, we had this poker game the other night.

Network Executive: Naw, they just did that the other night on Desperate Housewives. Really, what could Ian have had in his hand that would beat Mike's full house?

Me: Well, there was also Hot Pot. Austin, Beckie and I went to his parent's house for Chinese New Year. There was bowing and stuff.

Network Executive: That's great. The promo guys can put ads on that say "The O.C.: Oakland County Berkley Stylee returns. More Hot! More Pot!"

Me: That's completely missleading.

Network Executive: Kid, that's the just how it works. Now lets see if we can make a sow ear into a glass of spilt milk.

Me: Holy mixed metaphors!

Stay tuned for the possibility of more episodes of The O.C.: Oakland County Berkley Stylee where there may be additional silliness, occasional zaniness and possibly more hot lesbian action. But probably not.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vehicular asshattery

Ugh. The VW Tourareg should be renamed the Tool-rig as I was behind 2 different Tool-rigs today at lunchtime and each was going under the speed limit and generally driving ass-hattily.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Jello, how are you?

I thought I had something amusing to say about the Oscars, but I guess I don't. Actually I didn't even watch any of them. I did hear that Scorcese finally won, for which I'm glad, as that's probably the only Oscar-winning film I saw last (but really this) year. I'm also glad that Eddie Murphy did not win, because he doesn't deserve an Oscar until he has made enough good films to erase the memory of Pluto Nash, Daddy Day Care, Norbit and any other of his numerous horrible films.

Dan's home this weekend. Yay! Picked him up from the airport Saturday, and we ended up going to the Tap Room. Yesterday was brunch at Julon's. Friday night, Austin and I played "How Many Jello Shots Does It Take?" while playing Guitar Hero, and we both did over 30 jello shots. A word of advice. Doing that many jello shots may make you drunk, but you won't be drunk for long, and really, it just makes you kind of ill.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blow Me

I used my snowblower last night to clear my driveway. Unfortunately, I ran out of gas with about 10 feet of the driveway still covered in snow, which meant I had to finish it by hand. Hello back pain. What's worse is my shoulder hurts, and I have no idea how I hurt it. I blame the dog. He's a convenient scapegoat.

Hm, I'm trying to think what else has happened recently. There was a lot of snow. I started a subscription for the Buffy Season 8 comicbook at the local comic book shop. I had dim sum last Saturday morning. I went to Beckie's housewarming, where Skippy did do something bad.

No real plans for this weekend, though I still want to see Music and Lyrics, which got a surprisingly decent review in the paper.

Monday, January 29, 2007

You are the one that is the buster

Ugh. My back is still kind of sore. And I'm kind of tired.

For what had promised to be a nerdy weekend, it didn't end up being that too much. Austin and I were supposed to play cards on Friday, but one of the other players canceled, so we canceled the game and will probably reschedule sometime later. Austin and I still ended up going out for Middle-Eastern food and watching anime.

Saturday, I got up unnaturally early (at least for a weekend) and headed to Austin's where we carpooled to Beckie's parent's house to load the truck for her move. It took a surprisingly short amount of time to load the truck. We then headed to The Apartment (Mark Deux) to unload. We had to wait a bit for Beckie to get her keys and the rental agreement signed and whatnot, but then got her stuff unloaded fairly quickly and with few problems.

Austin and I took off after Beckie and her dad went grocery shopping, and I went home to walk the Skip, while Austin had to stop by his work to sort out some robot issues. After attending to these errands, Austin picked me up from my house and we went to the LAN party at Gerry's.

There was much bustin' of caps at the LAN party. I clumsily attempted to ensnare Gerry's friend Meaghan in my nefarious plan to see silly romantic-comedies.

Sunday I went to IKEA to meet my parents and sister for lunch and shopping. We tend to meet somewhere on the west side of town so as to be somewhat half-way between my parents and Ann Arbor. I bought a small rug for my side door and a recycling bin so Skippy will stop rooting around in the bag I had been using for collecting the recyclables. Later I met up with Austin and Beckie for Thai food.

Watched BSG last night. Awesome. Also watch The Dresden Files. That was pretty decent, kind of a magical version of Monk.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I doesn't take a Hero

Short, interesting article involving something near and dear to my heart, Guitar Hero. I can't say for sure that playing Guitar Hero has lessened my desire to play "real" guitar, but it might have caused me to get back into a little bit, especially introducing me to songs I might not have considered learning to play before.

The Low Cost of (Guitar) Heroism
If a teenager can become a make-believe guitar hero, will he ever bother to master the real thing?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh, yes, it gets much worse.

Relating to my previous post, I just saw the commercial for Music and Lyrics which has 2 of the romantic-comedy standard bearers, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I want to see it also. Geez, the fact that all these rom-coms come out around Valentine's Day makes it that much worse, considering my perpetually single status, leaving me with noone with which to camoflauge my girlish obsessions.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I have a secret...

I have a strange predilection for romantic comedies. I kind of really want to see Catch and Release and Because I Said So. Ehh. I don't know why. Catch and Release maybe because it's got Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. Because I Said So maybe because of Lauren Graham and Mandy Moore. I know it's horrible. I'm such a girl.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not a lot to say, but I'm going to put something here anyway

Got Dan sent back to New York. Went to Coney with Austin. Watched Dragonslayer with Austin and Beckie. Played Guitar Hero. Walked dog. Went shopping. Went to Sam's Club. Tess and her friend Paul came over. We watched Beerfest. I played more Guitar Hero. Had dinner at Red Robin with Austin, Beckie and Jackie. Watched more TV. Made eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast for dinner Monday. Watched 24 season premiere. Saw Jack Bauer have a Lost Boys flashback.

*Added later...

Ok, so here's were things get interesting. Or interesting-er.

I was headed out to dinner with Beckie and Austin (no overly cute conjunction of their names as of yet) and as I was literally less than a 1/4 mile away, sitting at a stop light, I got rearended. Actually the car behind me got rear-ended and that guy hit me. We all pulled over into a parking lot and waited for the cops. I then got nearly simultaneous text messages from both Beckie and Austin asking where I was. I called Austin and explained the situation.

Us three that were involved in the accident walked around and inspected the damage. Fortunately, all that was damaged on my car was my license plate and the frame were a bit bent. The guy that got hit harder, his car had the rear bumper cracked, and I think there might have been a crease in his front bumper. The lady who hit him, well, her car was wrecked up. Her whole radiator was pushed in and leaking, headlights smashed, and her airbags even went off.

The police were called (not by me) and we sat and waited for the police to come. We waited for more than 1/2 an hour before the guy took off, and I left shortly after that. The lady stayed and waited for the police.

I traveled the little bit further to Papa Vino's where Beckie and Austin were already eating. The waiter was very nice and put in a rush order for my food, so I got it fairly quickly. Tasty.

Today, my neck is a bit sore. I was trying to think why, and then I remembered the accident. Since there wasn't any real damage I kind of put it out of my mind. It's kind of ridiculous, because this is the second time I've been rearended while stopped at a stoplight. Maybe it's karma from when I rearended a Comcast van in High School. When, oh when, are we finally going to perfect beaming technology?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wii Like to Play

Shoulder's still a bit sore. Went to Jim and Jennifer's on Sunday to play Nintendo Wii. It's a lot of fun and more athletic than you would think. Wii Sports bowling was really fun. I think I might get a Wii next year. We also played Guitar Hero. Jim is now addicted too.

Last night (Monday) Dan and I met at the AMC Forum to see The Departed. Excellent movie. Jack Nicholson skirted the edge of over-the-top-scenery-chewing but other than that, I really enjoyed it.

Saturday went down to Toledo to Ryan's and played games. Apple to Apples, Cranium, Dukes of Hazzard card game, Phase 10... I thought there was something else, but maybe I'm wrong. I once again bought 6 tall-boys of Beast Ice for $3. Ohio beer prices are amazing.

Friday went to Jenn's for the Fry Party. Fried cheesecake, pizza rolls, mini-corndogs, all delicious. Jenn's work friends Andy, Laura and Troy were there. We also went to Gus O'Connor's where Jenn stared a guy out of the corner booth. After Gus's we went over to 5th Ave. where there was a '90s cover band. Based on the few songs we heard I could basically extrapolate their entire setlist. Ryan actually stopped by after the Necto to hang out for a bit too.

I'm kind of hoping this next weekend will be kind of quiet. Too much stuff been going on recently.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hold on, this is gonna take a while...

Well. I'm back to work after a seemingly too short vacation. I'm still a bit sick.

I started to feel a bit sick on Saturday, but on New Year's Eve, I was deep in the midst of a cold. I figured I could drink it off. Alcohol kills germs, right? You can kill them on the inside, correct? I asked Sam, 'cause he's a doctor, to confirm that quinine (an ingredient in tonic water) would fight a cold. He couldn't confirm that as he had passed out. I still proceeded to drink like a fish.

I realize it's been a bit since I last updated. I just didn't have any compunction to sit in front of my computer and procrastinate.

So, in the days following Christmas, I was up to a bunch of stuff. Tuesday, Austin and I drove out to East Lansing to pick up my Fraternity brother, Jared, who was in town to visit with us and also his roommate out in L.A.'s family. We had dinner there in enemy territory with Jared and Aaron Travis, another frat buddy. We drove back home and Jared crashed at Austin's.

Wednesday we went to lunch at the Redcoat, and that night, played poker. I came in 3rd, winning back my money.

Thursday, Austin and I drove Jared to Ann Arbor, where we had lunch, wandered about campus and left Jared with his roommate. That evening, Dan, Tess and I went to Casino Royale, which was really good.

Friday night, I met Tess and Dan for karaoke at Grissom's on the east side. I ran into Jim (Beckie's cousin's boyfriend) there. I sang a couple songs. It was good times.

Saturday John and Julie called and invited me and Dan to see a movie at the Emagine. We saw The Holiday, very cute and charming, surprisingly good. Then Dan and I headed down to Tess's for bad movie night. I started to feel a little sick by this point. Bad movies included the end of Deep Blue Sea, Ghost Ship, and I only stayed for the beginning of The Fog (2006). I said several times while we were watching the movies, that I could write a better movie. Maybe some day I should try. Anyways, I was getting tired, and the Benadryl was making me sleepier, so I went home early-ish.

Sunday I felt much more sick. I was still determined to party. Dan, Austin and Sam came to my house and then we headed off to Jordan's house where we hung out for a while and then went to Beckii's for the remainder of the evening. We played Scattergories, and High/Low, Sam did not do so well at this game, I was a bit better. Many Jello shots were consumed, and Austin, Dan and I played the fastest game of darts I think we ever have, because we were trying to finish before midnight. We almost did, but when we resumed post-countdown, I managed to win. There was also the afore-mentioned Sam passing-out, and various others puking. We left there somewhere around 3:30 and when we got back to my place, Sam crashed on my couch to sleep it off.

New Year's day, Monday, I eventually made it over to John and Julie's for the Rose Bowl, which sucked. I was also feeling a bit hungover and still sick, which didn't help any. I did also watch on my computer, the Christmas Special episode of Doctor Who. It was excellent.

I think that about wraps up my last week or so... I still need more sleep and TV watching time.