Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh, my liver.

What a long weekend.

Wednesday night I went out with Tess and Dan. We bar crawled from O'Flaherty's to Excalibur Park down to the good 'ole Tap Room. I drank many gin and tonics and then to finish off the night, Dan got him and I Irish Car Bombs. That was the finishing touch. Tess drove us to Linda's though along the way we had to make a stop, and after some food, I got my car and went home.

Thanksgiving, I went to my parents and deep-fried the turkey. I also made stuffing and Alton Brown's green bean casserole. Dinner was delicious.

Friday I decided to completely skip all the Black Friday madness and sat home, at turkey sandwiches and watch a whole bunch of TV. Dan came over eventually and we sat through the ridiculousness of Star Trek Voyager's mirror world episodes. I ended up crashing kind of early.

Saturday I went to Drew and Erin's wedding. It was in Harrison Twp or something... far on the east side. I went to the ceremony and then there was about 4 hours to kill until the reception so I followed the wedding party bus to a bar where we stayed for a while before I went to pick up Jessica. The reception was at MacRay Harbor, though I missed the turn the first time and had to turn around. Dinner was good, salmon and some sort of chicken. Jenn stole someone else's dessert mousse. There was dancing. I drank a lot of gin and tonics, at least a dozen. I think I danced off the liquor though. After the reception wound down we headed out to Ferndale to meet up with Beckie, Jackie and Dave, and Sarah at the Post. I had kind of forgotten how ass-y it was there. There was this super-drunk chick who kept trying to get people to dance. We were still in our formal wear, so it was a little weird being in the bar. After that I drove Jessica home.

Sunday, my parents came over and we got the rest of my leaves out to the curb. Later, Austin and Kevin came over and we went up to the Mt. Chalet II (A.K.A The Deuce) for $1.50 Labatts. Kevin said they might run out of beer if we didn't get there soon. I though he was kidding. He was not. Dan showed up a bit later. We managed to kill off their keg of Labatts. Then we went to the Coney.

I am teh tired this morning/afternoon. I need a vacation from my weekends. Unfortunately, next weekend doesn't look to be much easier.

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