Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Late nights and Monday nights

Well, Skip decided to wake me up last night at 3:30 to go outside. I was not amused. He also decided he wanted to play when I was trying to leave this morning and didn't want to come inside. He can be a little bastard sometimes.

In non-dog stuff, this season of 24 continues to kick ass. In honor of that, I am submitting this link for your amusement:

Top 24 Jack Bauer Facts

As funny as Chuck Norris facts, but because I'm afraid of being roundhouse kicked, or tortured as a terrorist, I decline to say which is actually funnier.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Feather Skip-plosion

Bad dog
Originally uploaded by M Kawamoto.

This is the new crate. Skippy managed to scoot the crate over enough to get a hold of my down comforter and ripped a hole in it. There were feathers everywhere. There are still feathers everywhere that escape the vacuum. Skippy is a very naughty dog. See how guilty he looks? I'm keeping him, but he needs to be broken of some bad habits. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

For the money, surprisingly accurate

the Observer
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"I need to understand the world"

Observers have a need for knowledge and are introverted, curious, analytical, and insightful.

How to Get Along with Me

  • Be independent, not clingy.
  • Speak in a straightforward and brief manner.
  • I need time alone to process my feelings and thoughts.
  • Remember that If I seem aloof, distant, or arrogant, it may be that I am feeling uncomfortable.
  • Make me feel welcome, but not too intensely, or I might doubt your sincerity.
  • If I become irritated when I have to repeat things, it may be because it was such an effort to get my thoughts out in the first place.
  • don't come on like a bulldozer.
  • Help me to avoid my pet peeves: big parties, other people's loud music, overdone emotions, and intrusions on my privacy.

What I Like About Being a Five

  • standing back and viewing life objectively
  • coming to a thorough understanding; perceiving causes and effects
  • my sense of integrity: doing what I think is right and not being influenced by social pressure
  • not being caught up in material possessions and status
  • being calm in a crisis

What's Hard About Being a Five

  • being slow to put my knowledge and insights out in the world
  • feeling bad when I act defensive or like a know-it-all
  • being pressured to be with people when I don't want to be
  • watching others with better social skills, but less intelligence or technical skill, do better professionally

Fives as Children Often

  • spend a lot of time alone reading, making collections, and so on
  • have a few special friends rather than many
  • are very bright and curious and do well in school
  • have independent minds and often question their parents and teachers
  • watch events from a detached point of view, gathering information
  • assume a poker face in order not to look afraid
  • are sensitive; avoid interpersonal conflict
  • feel intruded upon and controlled and/or ignored and neglected

Fives as Parents

  • are often kind, perceptive, and devoted
  • are sometimes authoritarian and demanding
  • may expect more intellectual achievement than is developmentally appropriate
  • may be intolerant of their children expressing strong emotions

Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

The Enneagram Made Easy
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HarperSanFrancisco, 1994, 161 pages

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    Tuesday, February 21, 2006


    What do you get when you mix David Hasselhoff and the song "Hooked On a Feeling"? Only the greatest video known to man.

    Skip-scape artist

    So, the crating did not go as planned today. He managed to get out of the crate and once again peed on the rug upstairs despite my putting what I thought was an adequate barrier to prevent him from getting up there. I thought the design of the latch was kind of crummy so I decided to use a carabiner clip to prevent the latch from just rotating open when I went out again. I was wrong. Turns out the weak point of the crate was the entire crate. This is what I discovered when I got home after dinner.

    The door is actually bent and one of the hinges came apart. Also of note, this is (er, was) an inward swinging door.

    Here's a closeup of the clip I thought would help keep it closed.

    Now I'm not sure what to do. I could close him in the basement. There's not much he could get into down there. But it's kind of messy with construction stuff, and coldish. Erghh. Don't really want to leave him in the main area, but that may be what I have to do. I think I've got the upstairs barrier fortified properly now though. I'll break him of this peeing problem yet!

    O. M. G.

    This is so freakin' cool. I love the 80's!

    On with the Skip-periment

    Well, I let Skip have the run of the house yesterday. He ended up peeing on my rug upstairs. Today I have him crated up. He was not happy about it. Hopefully he'll be able to adjust somewhat to my schedule. It's a bit more regular than "Mike"'s I would guess.

    I think I might have to figure out a hiding spot for my extra key in case anybody wants to stop by during the day and say hi to Skip. Hmm.

    Monday, February 20, 2006

    Are you Skip-perienced?

    Day 3 of the Skippy puppy experiment continues. So far, things have gone, for the most part, well. He left me a puddle one night though, but that may have been my fault for not feeding him on time. He also wanted to go for walks in the coldest weather of the winter. I seriously thought my legs were going to freeze up like tree trunks, like in that Radiohead video where Thom becomes a tree. It was cold. He also seemed to get along ok with Sydney and Bentley, when my dad brought them over.

    My dad came over to help with painting my basement. My mom keeps pushing me along on it. It's kind of getting there. I'll take some pictures of the painted walls.

    For dinner, my dad and I ended up going to Woo Lee Garden. That was once again, very tasty. We had originally wanted to go for Thai, but that place is closed Sundays. WLG was kind of a backup plan. I didn't totally stuff myself, but I still ate a bunch. Next time I go though, I definitely plan to really get my money's worth.

    More dog updates later.

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    Site you should check out

    Hey, peoples. Want to waste a lot of time?

    Check out Videobomb. It's full of funny videos and what not. Cool.

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    My oh my, can't find a reason why

    There's so much and yet so little to post about. Went to see Final Destination 3 last night with Dan and Jackie. It was pretty cool, if a little short. Weekend was fun, especially the Catalog Only concert and The Recital concert. Brunch was awesomely tasty, I was surprised I ate as much as I did, considering my previous evening's stomach pyrotechnics. Dim Sum, also good. Panera was also very good, the crispani was delicious (thanks Sarah!). Still so very tired. At least the coming weeks are full of reruns so I can catch up on some stuff. Mmmm... television.

    Thursday, February 09, 2006


    Went with Austin and Jenn tonight to see "An Evening With Shinichiro Watanabe" at the DFT. It was really cool. Watanabe is the director of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Macross Plus. There was a short intro, and then they played the title sequences from Bebop and Champloo. They then played the rest of the first episode of Champloo and had a panel discussion with Watanabe, an interpreter, a professor of Japanese culture from MIT and the Detroit News' anime reporter. I didn't even know they had such a guy in the News/Free Press. The audience also was able to ask some questions. It was very interesting. Got a lot of insights into the influences and motivations of the director. Jenn had Watanabe sign a couple of her NewType USA magazines and we got a picture with him. Also cool.

    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    It's Like We Were Separated At Birth

    Wow, it's like we're twins or something. Yes, this was actually the inspiration for my current mustache style. I kind of laugh at myself every time I catch a glance in the mirror. It's just so ridiculous.

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Tenative Schedule of Weekend Events

    I talked to Dan on the telephone over the weekend. He had a variety of desired activities for his week back here in the D.

    Thursday: Tap Room
    Friday: Hang out and then go to Dim Sum ~11:00-12:00
    Saturday: Catalog Only Farewell Show
    Sunday: Brunch at John and Julie's

    I'm sure there will be more details in the coming week. That is all.

    A perfect example of how my lovelife goes...

    Click for fullsize version

    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    So very neutral...

    WHITES are motivated by PEACE, seek independence and require kindness. They resist confrontation at all costs. (Feeling good is more important than being good.) They are typically quiet by nature, they process things very deeply and objectively, and they are by far the best listeners of all the colors. They respect people who are kind, but recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

    WHITES need their quiet independence and refuse to be controlled by others.
    WHITES want to do things their own way, in their own time. They ask little of others, and resent others demanding much of them.
    WHITES are much stronger than people think because they dont reveal their feelings.
    WHITES are kind, non-discriminate, patient and can be indecisive, timid, and silently stubborn.
    When you deal with a WHITE, be kind, accept (and support) their individuality, and look for nonverbal clues to their feelings.
    What Color Are You?
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