Friday, June 29, 2007

Oot and aboot

Going to Canada for a couple days. So, no updates until after the Holiday, eh? Should be fun times, drinking and swimming, camping, fires, more drinking and general rowdiness.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Not weekly, but more occasionally.

Been more than a week since the last update. I really meant to put something up last week, but had a hard time coming up with anything exciting to say.

I still don't really have anything exciting but, for my own record-keeping purposes, here goes.

Saturday before last, I went to LAN party with Austin. We briefly stopped by Gerry's yard sale and then went to Austin's comic shop and Austin's friend's kid's birthday party before returning to Gerry's for the nerding out.

After the LAN party Austin and I went to Jenn's where we went to Gus O'Connor's with her and her friend Jeremy. We ended up drinking quite a bit and slept for a couple hours at Jenn's.

This past weekend, I tried to make Friday night plans with the intention that Dan was going to be home, but he didn't make it back, and basically Friday night ended up with me going to Tess's and watching Catch and Release, which was ok, and in which Kevin Smith totally stole the show.

Saturday I went to Jennifer's Going-Away party. There were a ton of people. I brought Skippy along because Beckie said it would be ok. He was fine until he ate a piece of fried chicken and then tried to eat one of Beckie's aunt's 18 cats. He assures me that he only wanted to play. We had to tie up the Skipper after that. Drank a lot of beer, played a lot of Cornhole (and was pretty dominant with Mike (Beckie's cousin Amy's boyfriend)), ate a bunch, went swimming, had about a dozen jello shots, generally a good party time. Of course on the way home, I was drunk-hungry and had to stop at White Castle for some sliders and chicken rings.

So that was the weekend that was. As for what this week holds, I'm not sure, but Dan is supposed to be back, and beyond that, who knows.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Master of Magnetism

Lots of computer based news today. The biggest bit of that is I finally bought a new Mac. I kind of went almost all the way out and bought a MacBook Pro. I got the lowest end model, but that still runs ~$2000, so thankfully I was able to work the student discount angle, which reduced the price by $200.

It's definitely the fastest computer I've ever owned, but we'll see how well if fares at the LAN party... I mean super cool party with a bunch of awesome guys doing really neat stuff, that's totally not nerdy at all.

What finally spurred this was the fact that they just released these new, faster ones, they had a sweet rebate deal going on when you bought a computer and an iPod, and I also got a bunch of offers for 0% balance transfers until next summer.

Oh yeah, that's another thing, I got the 30Gb iPod with Video too. I have to send in the rebate for that though.

For my old computer, I just bought off the Subaru forum a DVD burner (it had a DVD reader, and an external CDRW) and installed that yesterday, and also decided to put in the refurb hard drive I got on a warranty return. Well the DVD burner went in fine, but when I fired up the computer, the refurb hard drive started making some really nasty noises and then did the "click of death". So the refurb hard drive is dead, and I have to sent that back, and hopefully they'll send me a new one.

All of my files are still on the old computer and when I wanted to sync up my iPod, I kept getting all sorts of freezes and what not, so I ended up doing a lot of troubleshooting of the USB hub and swapping ports for the cables and I've eventually gotten it to sync at full speed. Those kinds of issues are why I wish the latest iPods still were FireWire capable.

With the new computer I should have a few less of those issues, as it has built-in USB 2.0, and should play nice with the new iPod. So happy with the new laptop. It has the nice MagSafe connector where if you kick the cord, it will detach instead of dragging the whole computer to floor. The power of magnets. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I saw Knocked Up this weekend. It was vulgar, crude, heartfelt, touching and hilarious. It really gives all us normal guys the hope that we too can hook-up with drunk hot chicks, get them pregnant and make them fall in love with us. Maybe that wasn't the moral of the movie, but nonetheless, it was really funny. If you loved The 40-Year-Old Virgin, you're likely to like this.

That was Saturday, actually Gerry and Melissa came over and Austin and I and them went to dinner at Pasquale's before the movie. We had a crazy waitress. She was old and feisty. Gerry's friend Josh ended up meeting us at the movie also.

Saturday during the day, my dad came over with Sydney and Bentley, and so the dogs played alot. I was actually watching Scooter this last weekend, as "Mike" was in New Jersey looking for housing. I may have mentioned that before, but I'm too lazy to look at my previous post. He was supposed to be with Beckie for the actual weekend, but she ended having to housesit and catsit for her cousin... or something along those lines.

Friday night Austin, Kevin and I had a few beers at my house and then went over to the Berkley Front. Austin and I had gone for dinner at Rexy's earlier. Rice is so my nemesis.