Monday, July 09, 2007

Shut up, Dawn!

Weekend was movie-tastic.

Backing up to Thursday, when I got home, I ended up actually going down to Cityfest to see Weird Al. He put on a pretty good show, much longer than I expected.

Friday, Dan and I went out to Novi to have dinner at Happy Sushi with Jenn and Jenn's friend (Work)Andy. After dinner, Dan and I went to Royal Oak to catch the midnight showing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling (The Sing-a-long). We got there probably more than an hour early, but the show was nearly sold out, so it was probably better that we had. The show was a lot of fun, there were props, and karaoke lyrics for the songs, and lots of yelling "Shut up, Dawn!" whenever she said, well, pretty much anything.

Saturday, I went to Noble Fish for some shopping of Japanese food items. Yummm... delicious udon. Austin came over later for dinner, where I grilled up some hamburgers left over from camping. Austin left to see Buffy with Jordan, and I ended up staying home and watching TV.

Sunday, I mowed the lawn and then went to join my parents at IKEA. I bought some big soup bowls and another bin for returnables. It was a while later at home that I realized that my A/C had quit working. It started to get really warm in my house. Eventually I joined Dan in air-conditioned comfort at the movie theater where we watched Transformers. It was, um, very Michael Bay-y. It was kind of a mess, though the effects were pretty cool.

I've got a call into the HVAC company, hopefully they'll be out today to fix my A/C. In the meantime, I'll just be sweating.

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